After visiting Sri Lanka for 6 days, enduring the 4-hour rides between each place, I’ve started loving and appreciating the Sri Lankan culture and lifestyle. Here are a few observations that I’ve gathered and heard during my stay there (please feel free to correct me):

  • Sri Lanka is an island of 20M people (2011 population statistics according to our tour guide/driver).


  • Shops at Kandy normally closes around 6:30-7:00 PM (that’s really early!
  • Aside from private cars and vans, their main transport is three-wheel (tutuk) and public buses.

  • The national sports is Volleyball, but another popular one is Cricket.

Volleyball is the national sports

  • From Sri Lanka to Chennai, India, it only takes 45 minutes, but according to our driver the cost is around $160 USD. It’s quite expensive compared to the $200-$250 3 1/2 hours trip to Manila.
  • The houses in the village are mostly roofed with tiles. Some are tin roof but most of them are the red clay tiles.
  • The major religions are Buddhism and Hinduism, but there are some areas where Christians, Catholics, and Muslims can be found.
  • The normal sleeping time is 9PM and they wake up normally around 5:00 AM.
Sunset at Negombo beach.

Sunset at Negombo beach.

  • Their fruit salads and mixed fruit juices are always made up of banana, papaya and pineapple (and sometimes with watermelon).

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