Category: Daily Thoughts

Why Family Matters To Me

An unfortunate event happened to my mom yesterday. I know that bad people exists but I didn’t expect that they would target my mom. It’s different when these things that you’d normally see in the news happen to...

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I Love Meetings Because

I’m starting to enjoy this daily thought section of my blog because I can write pieces in shorter lengths. Recently, I’ve been attending meetings for a big project in the company. Sometimes, meetings are boring....

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We Blind Ourselves

Every morning, the bus from my place passes by a center for the visually-handicapped. Typically, one or two passengers in the bus are blind and are travelling alone. This is a normal day-to-day scenario before I go to office....

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15 Hours A Week

I love reading news everyday. Although I read from a book recently that this isn’t a good thing. Some news are too big that you don’t have to be the first one to know. Your friends will. This made me decide to surf...

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A Day Before November 1

I am quite happy with what I’ve achieved today. It’s nothing big but worth to be noted. First, I have finally finished the user manual of one of the systems in the office. I’ve been working on it for a month...

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