Yesterday, I convinced my friend to chase the cherry blossoms around downtown. She was preparing for an exam but the opportunity of having a sunny day and the colors of flowering trees were too good to give a pass.

We started our road trip just after lunch. We headed to the Butchart Gardens hoping to see the tulips but there weren’t any yet. We didn’t stay around for long. We immediately drove back to downtown to start the adventure.

Did you know that these trees were provided as a gift in 1930’s by the mayors of Kobe and Yokohama? You can read more of the history of cherrry trees from this link.

If you are in Victoria this week, be sure to stroll along these streets to get a glimpse of the white and pink flowers. These blooms normally last for only two weeks. If you can only pick one, go to the last one.

1. Glasgow Street

2. Croft Street

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3. Beechwood Avenue

Beechwood Avenue

4. Alder Street

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5. Fairfield Road corner Foul Bay Road

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6. Corner of Quadra Street and Finlayson Street

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