“Don’t we all adjust in our life every day?” that is what I immediately thought upon selecting the title.

Moving to a new place, working in a new job, and living in a colder country are few of the many adjustments that I face. I sound like a broken cord.  My friends whom I’ve been too comfortable with are no longer there. I don’t mean they’re in heaven. Even arranging a Skype call or a group chat with them is tough because of the timezone difference. The accessibility of 24-hour shops is scarce. Jollibee is no longer a 15-minute subway ride from my place. Either I cross the border to Seattle or I fly to Winnipeg. Both options are not practical. The thought of that crispy Chickenjoy is making me starve. Kill me now. I wonder what my sister is going to cook for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve.

While writing this article, I revisited my 2016 WILL BE A YEAR OF BEGINNINGS (SO CLICHÉ!) post. It is always fun to look back and realize how much in the plans have materialized. I wrote five “public” goals. These were:

  1. Write a blog post at least once a month. This year, I’ve written a dismal number of 8 articles. It normally takes me 2-3 hours to write an article. There are 720 hours in a month. It’s simple math: 0.4% will be spent to writing. That is not difficult to achieve. Less chat, more writing. – MORE THAN ACHIEVED!
  2. Finish one book per month. There are no alibis, I spent money for my Kindle Voyage e-reader this year. I need to always remember the ROI. – PARTIALLY ACHIEVED
  3. Release one travel-related mobile app. – NOT ACHIEVED
  4. Travel. – ACHIEVED
  5. Sleep. – ACHIEVED

Four out of 5 were accomplished. Not bad! I guess the strategy is to write as few as possible. I remember reading an article that encourages people to write their new year’s resolutions and share to friends. It works for me. You can refer to this post from the American Psychological Association explaining how to make your New Year’s resolution stick.

For the year 2017, I am looking at more challenging quests (or not!) and death-defying stunts (ok…). These are:

  1. Visit two countries in South America. It’s the best opportunity for me to use my shabby Spanish skills.
  2. Publish my coffee book. I just need to figure out how to market it. Otherwise, it will end up as a gift to any occasion I’m invited to.
  3. Learn Swift. Not the secure financial messaging service. Nor the food company.
  4. Listen to more podcasts. If you’re into entrepreneurship, subscribe to NPR’s How I Built This. I’m so grateful to a friend who introduced this!
  5. Meditate. I started this when I was jobless and ended when I began working, which doesn’t make sense. Seriously. 🙂
  6. Be busy. Be very busy. I have the weekends to spare and sharpen my entrepreneurial skills.
  7. Sleep. I am still striving to achieve that evasive 8-hour rest.

2017, are you there yet? Enjoy my 2016 year-ender video below.