A few weeks ago my friends organized a reunion in Seattle. We were all based in Singapore but decided to move to the other part of the globe. I live closest to Seattle but the fare wasn’t the cheapest. My friend who stays in Los Angeles had a plane ticket half the price of my ferry (yeah, life is not fair!). Fortunately, my accommodation is free. Thanks to the benevolent friends! Poke Jon and MJ!

I had almost a day and half to roam around the city, which wasn’t bad although additional days would be desirable. There were a lot of places to go to but if you have only 1 full day to spend, I suggest to put this in your itinerary:

  1. Kerry Park

    You have to wake up at around 5AM to get a perfect spot because it gets pretty crowded in the morning. It’s one of the good places to view Seattle’s skyline while enjoying the sunrise. If you’re visiting during fall, the brilliant colours of the trees are going to take your breath away.

    Kerry Park - Photo Credit to Jon

    Credit to Jon for this photo taken from the Kerry Park

  2. Pike Place Market

    After your stroll in Kerry park, head to Pike Place Market. This can be compared to Tsukiji fish market in Japan but a lot smaller and less crowded (so….not really comparable. 🙂 ). You’ll probably just spend 10 minutes to go from end to end.

    Seattle's Pike Place Market

    Seattle’s Pike Place Market

  3. Gum Wall

    This is in Post Alley where the walls are covered with chewing gums. It is a few steps away from Pike Place Market.

    Seattle's Gum Wall

    Seattle’s Gum Wall

  4. Original Starbucks at Pike Place

    Even if you’re not a Starbucks fanatic (unlike my friend who owns 800 Starbucks mugs bought from different parts of the world), it would be worthwhile to visit the place where it all started. Starbucks is one of the fastest growing companies in Fortune 500 (year 2015) and it’s humbling to see how its first store looked nothing inordinary. If you really want to buy coffee from this place, be prepared for the long queue. I would recommend to go to Starbucks Reserve instead, which is what I’ll be talking about it in a jiffy.

    Seattle's Original Starbucks at Pike Place

    Seattle’s Original Starbucks at Pike Place

  5. Piroshky Piroshky Bakery

    A few steps away from the Original Starbucks is the famous Russian bakery Piroshky Piroshky. Another line to wait. I don’t know why it’s famous but MJ found it in the top of the list in Yelp. Their famous breads are the Apple Cinnamon and Smoked Salmon Pate.

    Piroshky Piroshky Russian Bakery

    Piroshky Piroshky Russian Bakery

  6. Mount Rainier National Park

    This is something you shouldn’t miss. If you’re with a group, I highly suggest that you rent a car. We rented from Dollar Rent A Car an AWD 5-seater hatchback (with GPS navigation) for $148.83 and $30 for fuel. It allows you to move swiftly from one place to another. Before you head to the peak of Mt. Rainier, make sure that you stop by the Visitor’s Information Center. The staff there is very helpful and will show you webcam views of the pit stops. It was in Mt. Rainier where I had my first experience of snow. At first I thought it was just a foam from a laundry detergent (which is kindda dumb) till I realized that no one is going to wash their clothes beside of the road. Make sure that you don’t speed otherwise you’ll miss the unofficial stops to capture some amazing sceneries.


    Mount Rainier

  7. Space Needle

    By the time you’re back to downtown, it will be almost evening time which is also the perfect moment to go to Space Needle. When I go to these observatories, I always aim for the sunset and nightscape moments. Though I don’t advise this, but I think it’s possible to go to the observation deck without paying. You just book a table at the revolving restaurant. When you’re at the lobby, tell the staff that you have a reservation at the restaurant. This will give you free pass to the observation deck. Once you’re done, just take the elevator down to the ground floor and leave the building quietly. 🙂

  8. Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room

    If you’re looking for an airy ambiance with unique interiors, head to Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. Bring a camera as well because the place is very picturesque! Try their Smoked Butterscotch latte.

    Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

    Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

  9. Broadway Street

    Once you’re kicked out from Starbucks (because they’re not open 24 hours), you can take a stroll in Broadway street to see the bars. If you’re not a fan of beer or cocktails, skip to Harbor Avenue. We were lucky to see people wearing bizarre outfits for the Halloween (who would imagine someone wearing bathing suit in a freezing evening?!)

    Halloween Costumes at Broadway

    Halloween Costumes at Broadway Street

  1. Harbor Ave SW (SW Bronson Way Street End Park)

    If you decide not to pay for the Space Needle’s observation deck, make sure that you visit this place. It’s opposite the harbour and it’s free! I’m just not sure how to go here using the bus but it’s easily accessible if you’re driving.  The spot that we found had a free parking lot. Just be cautious if you smell weed around the area, it’s probably coming from the parked vehicles. 😉

    Seattle's Skyline and Harbor

    Seattle’s Skyline and Harbor

Enjoy the rest of the photos below or visit my Seattle album in my facebook page for more photos.