Ok ok. The title doesn’t sound right. My initial title was, “After Living 3 Months in North America”, but this article isn’t my typical travel-info-education blog that talks about itinerary, budgets, backpacking, and those that could generate more traffic to my site. Let’s just say that if you have the time, read more, but if you have more important chores to do, skip.

I’m officially more than 3 months here in North America, which is nothing compared to decades of living in Southeast Asia. I found a job that is still related to IT and Project Management (no, my entrepreneurial spirit still lives, just a question of when it’ll be used). Surprisingly, things fell according to the plan: 3 months of rest, chill, relax, bum (and all the nouns you could relate to anything that is stress-free, but wait earning nothing is stressful!).

I still shoot (photos) during my free time–which is a lot! I am still active in Instagram (and why don’t I do a shameless plug: please follow me in IG @aldrintravels). I still eat healthy food (and chips, donuts, ice cream, dessert) BUT I lost weight here! We’re talking about 6kg of unwanted fats drained down the pipe! I don’t know how it happened but whenever I step on my sister’s digital weighing scale, the numbers are just shining bright like a diamond to me (I can hear you guys humming Rihanna’s Diamonds. Don’t deny!). Maybe I should write a piece or a thought-provoking article, “How To Lose Weight in 3 Months Effortlessly”. The first item would be: Stop working and quit your job (doesn’t make sense to me!)

There are a few things I have to adjust as well (like the manner of speaking, how to greet and how to say hello). Here’s the deal, after a decade of working in that little red dot in Asia (which by the way is making waves for being the best place to live, best place to do business, best in this, best in that, best among the best-est), I got accustomed to using “lah”, “mah”, “can”, “right” which don’t quite fit here. To illustrate (or expound, whichever is most appropriate):

Me: Eh, you need to do one more step lah…
Colleague: Finish already what!
Me: Eh issit? No lah, you need to check tax rates right?
Colleague: Oh yeah loh!
Me: Aiyah..

Me: Hey man, how’s it going? I think you missed one step in your procedure.
Colleague: I think I’ve done that part.
Me: Oh really? I might be mistaken, but could you check again if the tax rates are included?
Colleague: Sure. Well, you’re absolutely right.
Me: Perfect! (or Awesome! or Wonderful! or Beautiful!  Whichever pops into your head)

I have to switch to a different persona when I speak. Instead of just saying,
Me: Good morning! (or Good afternoon!)

I must add an extra phrase after:
Me: Good morning! How’re you doing?

And no matter how 100.1% sure I am that the person’s reply will be, “I am good.”, I still have to ask that last phrase. I’m getting used to it. It’s just difficult to blab a lengthy statement while rushing down the stairs or the hallway (so that I won’t be late for the 1-hour meetings).

I think my time is up. Forbes suggested to “write short, pithy posts” because less is more, so I have to cut my unending flow of thought for now.

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Till next time!