On the last day of our camping in Quadra Island, a few of us decided to go kayaking. The weather was perfect. It was cloudy. We didn’t have to put sunblock nor sunscreen. There were eight of us in the group, two persons per kayak. A rental of the double-seater boat costs $56 for 4 hours. This includes the paddles, a dry bag, lifevests and the kayak suit that prevents water from going into your seat. It was slightly different from what I experienced in Singapore. The boat had a rudder or skeg at the stern and a storage compartment.

I am a big fan of the timelapse feature of GoPro. I used it to record the sunset, the sunrise, the clouds or just the stillness of water. So on the last activity of our camping in Quadra Island, I decided to timelapse our kayaking adventure. And it didn’t turn out to what I expected it to be. Watch the short clip below.

By the way, if you get lucky, you’ll see sea lions there.

Here’s another clip of our kayaking adventure.