A friend decided to visit Lisbon in Portugal. Being a backpacker, he always had that inclination to be friendly to locals and travelers alike. I remember meeting him at the bus terminal in Phonsavan in Laos. He was kind enough to offer me his bread after I complained that I haven’t eaten for 6 hours. We had a good chat despite the language barrier and managed to be in touch through facebook.

It was his first time in Europe. Prior to that, he explored the remote corners of central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and all the other “-tans” except Afghanistan). He met a Portuguese at the park. The guy was very friendly and they talked a lot about the place. He felt comfortable. When he was about to photograph something, the guy offered to take care of his small backpack. His iPad, some of his cash and bank cards were there. A few minutes later, he couldn’t find the guy together with his belongings. Luckily, he still had some cash in his bag in the hostel. But what really upset him was that all his memorable photos in the iPad are gone.

One thing he learned when backpacking: Be friendly but not too trustful.