It was summer in the Philippines. I had left Singapore and decided to take a month of rest. Prior to that, I backpacked around Taiwan together with some friends. Never had a chance to visit the beach eventhough we went to Hualien. I needed “Vitamin Sea” (a phrase that is becoming a cliché during hot season). The closest to my hometown was Bolinao in Pangasinan.



I had never been to the place. I had a bit of doubt to its proclaimed beauty after getting disappointed of the Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud. Luckily, we went on Monday, when the crowd was scarce. It looked like we booked the entire stretch of yellow-white sand. The weather was too perfect that it could easily burn the skin. The waves were not big, almost calm even. The water was in perfect hue of turquoise. It complemented the sand very well.



We booked a cottage that is a couple of meters away from the shore. It was a day of dip-sleep-eat-sip. There was a sari-sari store nearby that sells ice cold Red Horse beer. I had never liked that drink till that day.



It wasn’t difficult to take beautiful photos. The entire scenery was a symphony. It was too easy that I thought my photos were probably the same as the thousand posts in IG (Instagram). I wanted to snap something different. Then I met Nash.

Nash was a local kid who sold fish and sea shells to tourists. His dark complexion spoke of the place he hanged out a lot. He goes to school in the mornings and catches fish in the afternoon. Sometimes he skips because he’d rather play in the sea than to study. He was born to be a fisherman I guess.



It was nearly nightfall and the tide was low. I would say that I am a sunrise and sunset junkie. I trod further to the shore hoping to catch a unique sunset. Nash walked together. He said he would show me a better location to see the sun. The submerged corals and rocks were in sight. He left for a while to pick up his fishnet. He wanted to show me how he catches fish–to augment his family’s dinner.



There was the sunset. The rocks. Reflections from still water. Waves splashing. And two little fishermen who were enjoying their work. Though they were too young to be doing so. I don’t know how to express the feeling during that moment, but I do know that I’ve found the shot that I had been looking for. Enjoy the photos and the video below.