I was lucky to find a cheap flight from Manila to Vancouver via Tokyo. Thanks Skyscanner. It was cheaper than a direct flight, which logically doesn’t make sense but who am I to complain? At the same time, it was a good chance for me to visit and stay with my Japanese friend’s family. It was my second time to stay in their abode, second time to experience their hospitality and warm welcome. To top it all, I had a good bowl of ramen for dinner. It was tucked in a hidden alley of the town. Only locals knew about it.

Japanese Ramen in Fuchu

Japanese Ramen in Fuchu

Anyway, aside from the cheap fare, I was also excited because I would be taking an ANA flight. It was my first time to fly with them. I wanted to compare it with the other airlines that I have tried (mostly budget except for Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines, Philippine Airlines and China Airlines).

Watch our takeoff below.


Normally in long haul travels, I would pick an aisle seat. I love to try different kind of drinks during the flight. The problem though is that my bladder can’t hold these fluids for a long time so I have to pee often. The aisle seat is perfect to avoid inconvenience to the person beside me. Fortunately, I chose a window seat during this flight.

It was a Boeing 787-8. I didn’t notice it first but I knew something was different. I could see a lot more terrain and buildings from my seat. The window was a quarter taller than the usual. That explained it. The glasses were also very clean. There were no smudges nor water marks.

When the sunlight was becoming too warm and painful, I decided to pull down the window shades. But to my surprise, I couldn’t find any. I told myself, “I guess this is what you’d get with a bigger viewing area.” I almost gave up until I noticed two buttons below the window frame. Watch the video below to find out what those buttons were for.


The Japanese crew were one of the jolliest and friendliest I had met. Their smiles were just too contagious! It was also cute when I heard them talk in Japanese. I guess having cute and beautiful faces helped.

Food and Drinks

The bread was soft, tasty and warm. It was nicer than Singapore Airline’s. The meals were normal.

If you do get a chance, you should try their “Aromatic Kabosu”. I had three cups of it.

I just noticed that the table was too small. There was also no cup holder once the table was folded up.

ANA Meal

ANA Meal


Touch screen! It was so much easier to navigate their entertainment system. The response was also fast. They also kept the classic handset control. Although I do wish that they copied the interface of Air Canada. Watch the videos below. Please bear with my amateurish shots.


I also like the selection of their movies. They were not all Hollywood.


I like the fact that I didn’t have to touch the button to flush the toilet. It was sensor controlled. I have to admit that sometimes germophobia gets into me. Even the faucet had sensors! I hope their trash bin had sensors too as well as the lock of the door.

And while I’m typing this article, we’re having a noticeable turbulence in an Air Canada plane. Lord, I’m still halfway my flight. I still want to see my nephew. Haha!


The seat is comfortable but Singapore Airline’s is more spacious. I’m sitting on the Economy section by the way. Haha!


They didn’t provide any newspapers in the Economy class. This was a negative point for me. I like to read the news while travelling. Singapore Airlines always has local, international and business newspapers.


If I had another chance to travel to Japan, I would definitely take ANA–as long as the price is cheap! I had a pleasant and happy experience with them.

Enjoy the video of a clear sky Manila right after a heavy rain.