Every year-end, I write something about the events that transpired or the resolutions for the incoming year. It’s fun to read back those posts and laugh on the plans that never materialized. From last year’s post, I tried to narrate 2014 with the photos that I took during my travels. I would have done the same thing today but I realized that it’s going to eat a lot of my time to pick and edit the photos, so I succumb to my lazy self.

I want this post to be more readable, ala Medium. Sweet and simple. Less pizazz, no photos, more sense.

Looking back at 2015, “travel” is the word that immediately comes into my mind, which is also my 2014’s–not so creative, not well-thought-of. Digging deeper, the perfect word is actually in front of me, “extension”.

My family ties are extended. Two additions. My brother is now married. My sister gave birth last Christmas–the first nephew in the family. I bet he’s going to be pampered by the uncles. His name is still undecided though. I suggested Jesus because I thought it’s not too obvious (not!). I’m not surprised by my sister’s reaction though. 🙂

It is in this year that I also gained an extended family in another country. I remain in touch with them despite the language barrier. I hope my kindhearted friends will never get tired of helping me. I need to translate all my English letters to their language.

My faith has deepened, thanks to the community. Friendships have widened. My adventures this year have led me to meet more interesting people. Facebook friends? Even wider! I’m virtually meeting travelers who visit my blog. This leads me to my resolutions for 2016.

1. Write a blog post at least once a month. This year, I’ve written a dismal number of 8 articles. It normally takes me 2-3 hours to write an article. There are 720 hours in a month. It’s simple math: 0.4% will be spent to writing. That is not difficult to achieve. Less chat, more writing.
2. Finish one book per month. There are no alibis, I spent money for my Kindle Voyage e-reader this year. I need to always remember the ROI.
3. Release one travel-related mobile app.
4. Travel.
5. Sleep.

2016 will be a beginning for me. Let’s throw some confetti of clichés!