It has been more than 2 weeks and I haven’t started blogging my Japan and Korea adventure. It is just pure laziness. The only way to keep myself from forgetting my stories was to meet friends and tell them the highlights of my trip (over and over). Anyone up for coffee? 🙂 But then it’s still not enough to remember my entire journey. So this long weekend, I prodded myself to start with something: briefly narrate a day of my trip on each day of the week. I spent 18 days in Japan and Korea, so it’ll take me 18 days to finish this (that excludes the more “helpful” articles about itineraries, guesthouses and expenses).

April 29: My First JetQuay Experience

It’s a backpacking trip, I know. Stripped of luxury. But who wouldn’t want to experience JetQuay?

The JetQuay CIP Terminal is an elite airport terminal at Changi Airport. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, JetQuay lets you escape the airport crowd with a relaxing, seamless and hassle-free experience.

With the help of my friend Gigot (I’m so tempted to put a link to her facebook account) and the OCBC Titanium card, I managed to get free access to this place. I’ll tell you another secret on my next article regarding how you can get an almost-free flight from Singapore Airlines. Keep yourself posted!

The food in JetQuay wasn’t so different from SATS and Krisflyer lounges. The only advantage here is the lack of crowd and the chance to be chauffeured in a buggy. The moment you alight from the taxi, a staff will welcome you, carry your bag, ask for your passport, do a check-in on your behalf, inquire you of any shops you’d like to visit before going to the gate,  and remind you that it’s time to go. They have shower rooms too. The “VIP” ride from the lounge to the gate was fun at first. But when the driver starts honking the people blocking the buggy’s way and when people starts staring at you, then it becomes a little bit uncomfortable.

I took the Singapore Airlines flight to Narita International Airport. It was the best and cheapest option I can get. I paid only $190. The plane departed around 11:45 PM. I picked this schedule so that I won’t waste my day time floating in the air. It wasn’t fully booked. In fact, I had the entire row for myself. Three pillows, three blankets, an entertainment system and enough space to lie down and stretch my legs. I’m surely getting an ironic experience in this backpacking trip.

While waiting inside the gate and hearing the public announcements spoken in English and Japanese, I get a little bit anxious, laughing on my own and started whispering to myself, “This is it Aldrin. You’re really going to Japan and Korea!”