I will have to admit that I’m one of those travellers who looks for a free wifi in every place that I go, who checks my handphone every hour of the day. It doesn’t mean that I can’t live without internet. I managed to survive 3 days in Bagan and 2 days in Pyin Oo Lwin without any internet connection. I just feel complete when I have all my gadgets with me and when I have a link to the virtual world. However, my trip in Kota Kinabalu made me realize that I’ve been carrying extra weight in my backpack which are hardly used. So I’ve reduced the electronic devices I can’t travel without to 10. These are:

1. iPhone (or some Android phones)
2. Phone charger and the cable or perhaps a universal cable
3. Powerbank – I brought with me 11200mAh. Enough to charge my phone for 4 times
4. Micro 4/3 camera (or those humongous DSLR–to each his own)
5. 2 spare camera batteries – in my Laos trip, I only had 1 spare and when the battery charger broke I struggled.
6. Ear plugs, noise-canceling headphones (or just earphones) – your bestfriend in the bus
7. 2 spare SD cards – not that I get too much photos but sometimes a card just goes caput
9. Universal power adapter
10. Torch light, but your iPhone can substitute

Which among the items I mentioned are in your list?