A friend of mine, who is also a backpacker, suggested that I put up a “Top 10” series in my blog for readers who are always in a hurry. So here’s my first.

After my stint in Borobudur and Yogyakarta, a¬†friend asked me whether I had fun in a seemingly short trip. Obviously, I said yes. I have a shallow standard for fun–anything that is free is automatically fun for me. ūüôā So, what are the 10 things you can easily do to make your Borobudur & Yogyakarta trip enjoyable?

  1. Ride the local bus. Trans yogya buses within the Yogyakarta city is a must!
  2. When ordering Nasi Goreng or Gudeng yu djum, tell the chef “Tidak Pedas“. Wait and see if he’ll understand your Bahasa.¬†When¬†the food served to you is still too spicy, then you failed and need to practice more.
  3. In the Borobudur temple, talk to the locals. Once they know you’re a tourist, they’ll ask for a photo together. Count how many group photos you can get.
  4. In Borobudur, wake up early in the morning, 4AM, and go to Punthuk Setumbu Hill and enjoy the sunrise (or the Nat-Geo-ish people waiting for the sunrise).
  5. Climb the Borobudur temple and go around it in a clockwise direction. Start from the East side.
  6. While in Borobudur, visit the villages and try pottery making.
  7. If it’s the tobacco season, go to the fields and smell the scent of the dried tobacco leaves.
  8. Walk along Malioboro road in Yogyakarta city. The shopping street itself is a joy to watch.
  9. Chase the sunset at Prambanan temple. Be sure that you are there by 5PM. It’s mesmerizing.
  10. Go for a 1.5-hour body spa and massage. Try the Griya Shiatsu spa.
Sunrise in Borobudur at Punthuk Setumbu Hill

Sunrise in Borobudur at Punthuk Setumbu Hill

Nasi Goreng Tidak Pedas

Nasi Goreng Tidak Pedas

Tobacco Leaves Borobudur

The dried tobacco leaves in a village in Borobudur

Prambanan Temple

The Prambanan Temple right before the sunset.

Let me know how many of these 10 you were able to do. If you want to spend a¬†weekend in this place and don’t have an itinerary yet, read this post: Weekend Trip in Yogyakarta and Borobudur.