I’m back to the office and I’ve shared to my Malaysian colleagues my experience (ordeals) in climbing Mt. Kinabalu. After hearing from them that they used a porter’s service to carry their bags, they climbed for more than 5 hours, I felt consoled. I didn’t perform bad at all. During the climb, I was chanting a different tune though. I managed to compose a few silly “words of wisdom”.

When I was halfway my climb, I’ve drunk almost 3/4 of the 1.5L bottled water and eaten more than 4 chocolate bars. Initially, I brought a handful of it to share to other climbers, but it was a battle for survival…and I started to become greedy. 🙂 I had two small bananas (senoritas as we’d call them). When I took the first bite, I immediately exclaimed, “This is the tastiest and best banana I’ve eaten in my entire life!”

But then there were some moments when I wasn’t sounding so optimistic, “My legs are cursing me for taking this trek!”

And my admiration to Google is becoming clear, “They should have put the Google slide here!”

The mantra was, “You chose this, bear with it.”

This is one of the challenges where I’ve kept on motivating myself that I already used up all the inspiring clichés in the universe and I’m still failing.

I started becoming futuristic, “My heart and my mind is there, but my legs aren’t. Where can I buy disposable legs?”

And wished there was a time machine, “10 minutes climb before the hotel felt like 10 years. For a while, I thought the person who invented time was a bluff.”

It brings me laughter to see myself smiling in the photos taken on each pit stops. I was dead tired (dead and tired, also can) and yet my smile was so energetic I almost thought I am crazy.

“I know there is a chocolate factory on top. It’s the prize for hardwork and perseverance. I don’t even like chocolates, what am I thinking?!” — too much greed on my chocolate bars!

“Did I just play volleyball for four hours because my legs are aching?” and I suddenly miss the game.

On my first few stops, the tour guide was telling “Slowly, take your time.Slowly”. On the latter part where I kept on stopping, his message has changed, “Ok let’s go!”

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