There’s probably a ton of articles written about why people love to travel. I myself have written an article about traveling: 4 Reasons Why It’s Good To Travel Alone. But this time, I’d like to give my own perspective why I love to travel (whether alone or with friends).

It has been months since I posted in this blog. It doesn’t mean that I stopped traveling, it’s just that my mind is too lazy to finalize the piling drafts of articles I’ve scribbled during those trips. I’m too particular on the photos that I will use, the grammar and the flow of thought in each article. This takes me more than two hours to publish an article.

It is probably the melancholic feeling brought by these acoustic songs that pushed me to stop, reminisce, and ponder why I’ve been traveling so much this year. I can’t say that I’m stressed at work. In fact, the leniency in work (and benevolence of my boss) allows me to travel once a month. So what do I get from traveling?

1. Traffic Light of Life

It’s a way for me to STOP at my daily norms, LOOK at life in a different perspective and LISTEN to myself.  When you’re at the “working age” of your life, days revolve around earning money, saving, spending, going to office, and going home. Traveling gives me the perfect time and venue to examine life (this year, I’ve been examining my life too much then!)

2. Being Different

There are times when I want to be different from my usual character and wonder how people around me will react. Traveling is the best place to test this. With my friends, I’m the typical happy-go-lucky, outspoken and loud person. Sometimes, I want to feel how it would be to be a man of few words. Speak only when you’re asked to. There are other times when I want to be the friend-of-all nice-to-meet you guy.

3. Exploring the World

There’s a joy and happiness whenever I immerse myself in different cultures. I love observing people as much as exploring the world. It’s just priceless to personally experience being in a certain place that I’d normally just hear from friends or read from the Internet.

4. People

I love meeting people outside my circles. It’s part of knowing and experiencing other culture. It’s also rewarding when after some time, you still get in contact with them. Just recently, a monk I met in Myanmar messaged me in Kakaotalk. It instantly put a smile on my face.

So next month, I’ll be traveling again to complete my ASEAN tour. The final stop is Brunei. I’m sure the size of the country doesn’t equate to the size of joy I’ll get when I’m there.