I am fortunate to have Burmese colleagues in the office. They’re keeping me abreast of the latest Myanmar festivals happening in Singapore. I don’t have to fly back to the Land of the Pagodas to enjoy the Thingyan celebration. I was able to experience my first taste of the Water Festival 15 minutes away from my home. It wasn’t tidy, but it’s fun in itself.

Here’s the location of the Burmese Buddhist Temple near Toa Payoh:

Thingyan is a Buddhist festival to culminate the new year. It follows the Gregorian calendar, 13 to 16 April and is typically near Easter. It’s similar to Thailand’s Songkran, Lao’s New Year and Cambodia’s New Year.

When my colleagues told me to go there early, I thought it was just a joke. They asked me to come around 8:00-8:30 in the morning. I arrived past 10. There were still a lot of food. There were a lot of people as well. I didn’t prepare myself to get wet. I didn’t bring extra clothes. Fortunately, I brought a cover for my camera.

The weather was sunny. The people’s jovial attitude were contagious. It’s the best place to be at. I am just a bit worried when people started spraying (and pouring) water to people who are attending phone calls, not everyone has a waterproof phone.

After I’ve tasted 5 different Burmese food and immersed myself with the moment, I decided to go around and take some photos.

This festival is one of the uncommercialised imported genuine festivals I’ve experienced in Singapore. I’m definitely going back next year…with a raincoat. :))