I love reading news everyday. Although I read from a book recently that this isn’t a good thing. Some news are too big that you don’t have to be the first one to know. Your friends will. This made me decide to surf the internet and read news only during lunch break in the office. The sites that I visit daily are Killerstartups, Inc, The Next Web and Business Insider.

I’ve decided to do a 20-minute blogging during lunch time. It may contain ¬†interesting phrases from an article that I’ve read.

I read an interview of Gideon Kimbrell in Killerstartups. I like his advise for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Find a way to spend at least 15 hours a week with three people who are better than you in some way.

You actually lose out by always being the smartest person in the room. We must be surrounded by people who are more skilled, better connected and more powerful than us in order to become better ourselves. Keep your loyal friends and your support group, but challenge yourself.

Start hunting!