It has been months since I’ve attended a meetup from Normally, I attend those sessions which cover  topics of software development and project management because I am interested in keeping myself abreast on the latest technology and trends in project management. This time though, I pushed myself to pick one meetup because I want to socialize and practice my networking skills. Fortunately, Amazon has scheduled a user group gathering  in Hackerspacesg.

The topic was about how to run a small/freelancing company and how AWS can be used in web projects. The speaker was Thomas Smart who is also the owner of TS World Wide Holdings.

Eventhough the discussion didn’t really delve too much on the AWS features (you have Mr. Google for that!), the talk was very relevant and informative especially to those people who are planning to do freelancing jobs. These are a few of the tips that I learned from him:

1. Agile method is awesome! Sprints and iterations is suitable for managing freelance projects.

2. Every hour or every day that is spent on working must be accounted and recorded. This helps the freelancer know whether he underquote a project.

3. You don’t need fancy project management tools, Google drive is enough and it’s FREE! Learn how to bootstrap!

4. If the customer only wants the cheapest cost, refer him to Mr.

5. Ensure that there’s a Business Continuity Plan. I like the part where he always ensure that he hands  over the completed project to a support team. He doesn’t want to do maintenance and support of each project.

6. The most important part, be transparent to your clients!

Not only did I achieve my goal on attending the meetup, I also “tapao” back a lot of useful and make-sense practices from the speaker. I managed to ask a question (no matter how stupid it sounded) and conversed to a few people. That’s all that mattered.  🙂