I had to write something about this to drift my mind away from the lapses that I had during the IELTS exam, in other words, “to move on”. The test consists of four modules: reading ,writing, speaking, and listening. After answering a few sample exams, I knew that reading and listening are not going to be a problem. In these two modules, all I had to sharpen was my concentration skill. As long as your mind is not floating in another dimension, you’ll do well in these parts. I thought the writing exam was not going to be difficult. Since I’m a blogger, I expected it to be a breeze, unfortunately it wasn’t the case. When there’s an element of time constraint and the inconvenience of using pen and paper, writing becomes a tough act for me. There was no backspace to quickly erase a sentence nor were there keys to write the letters legibly. ¬†Speaking was the least part I’m excited of. My fear of public speaking always clouds my thoughts. My nerves get into me and more often than not, the sentences that I speak are far less polished than if I were to write them. I really have to meet and converse more with fluent English speakers.

I made the right ¬†decision not to schedule the speaking test on the same day as the writing, listening and reading. The writing exam was energy-draining so following it with a speaking test is going to be a disaster–I’m speaking for myself.

I have already completed the entire test. I thought I can start moving on, but the anxiety of knowing whether I got a good grade is haunting me. I just need a 7. Oh well, time to plan for my birthday solo-bration. I need a beer tonight.