If you have been practising celibacy or are currently single, Valentine’s is probably one of those days that you don’t really look forward to. Sometimes it feels deserting when you dine in a restaurant and you see each table flocked with lovers (in paradise). ¬†How often have you been asked in your office, “So, where’s your date tonight?” Does it remind you how lonely your single life is? You shouldn’t! There are a lot of things you can do celebrating the Heart’s day.

1. Muster all your single friends

We all know that misery loves company, so the best thing to do is to gather all your friends and do a group date. You can all watch a movie, dine in restaurants, buy some beer, get drunk or do star gazing.

2. It’s an all-black affair

Wear black shirt, black pants, and black shoes. If you’re a hardcore person, wear black underwear as well. When your colleagues start to ask you, “So, how’s your date tonight?” you can swiftly answer back, “Do you see the slightest hint of red in me? Even my blood is turning black just for today.”

3. Splurge on food

Today is the best day to splurge on food. Call a restaurant, book a table for two. When you reach the place, order for two. Eat it yourself or better yet, pretend you’re talking to someone while eating both meals.

4. You’re workaholic

Stay in the office. There’s no #TGIF, no Saturdays nor Sundays, not even Valentine’s day for you. It’s just like any ordinary day where you need to work.

Which one is your best pick?