My friends and I had the funniest dinner with Stefan and his two Swedish buddies. I knew Stefan from my Myanmar trip, met him again in Kuala Lumpur and in Singapore. He met his buddies in Thailand, bumped with them again in Penang, and travelled together to Singapore.

I didn’t believe when Stefan told me that he’s with his two crazy Swedish mates. Anyone can say “crazy” to sound it more hippie, but after meeting them, he surely wasn’t kidding. They were the wackiest and loudest (in a positive way) duo I’ve met.

It all started with their story about the Mr. Taxi driver. Yeah if it weren’t for him it would have been a boring dinner. We were taken aback when they said that their experience in Singapore was at the last in their list. They were looking for a cab that will bring them back to Aljunied and the driver didn’t want to drive them there. When Franco asked why, the driver just ignored him. So he muttered, oh f*ck the taxi without alluding to the driver. The driver seemed to have misunderstood it and went out of his car and started saying, you think you can f*ck me? This is my country. You f*ck me, I f*ck you. You think you can f*ck me?! I f*ck you!. It looks more hilarious if you let PJ reenact it, he sounded like the comedian Russel Peters. So, we were literally laughing out loud in the steamboat restaurant until we noticed that all eyes were creeping towards us. Then we toned down a little because the last thing we want is to see our faces in or to be in the news of

The happiness didn’t end there. While we were trying to be good hosts by letting them try the local food, we ordered three versions of sliced fish soup. One of them had milk in it– the one that PJ had. The soup would have been good if only we knew that PJ is lactose intolerant. Noone was aware except Franco who remained mum until PJ spent almost half-an-hour in the loo. And so the laughter blasted again after Franco disclosed that his friend and the milk were never the best of friends.

So apart from enjoying the comical skits of the two, we learned from them that Sweden has the most humane and comfortable prison cell. It has playstation in the room, the food that the inmates eat is more expensive than the food fed to the students, and they earn money just by sleeping and eating. I don’t know if any of the things told by Franco and PJ were true so I did my research. Not only did I see Sweden’s prison jail to be in the top 10 most luxurious prisons in the world, they are even closing four of them due to the scarcity of “tenants”. Would you believe that they’re planning to rent them out to Norway? What a way to earn money, huh?

So if you are going to have a taste of a prison life, do it in Sweden, and it’ll probably be in one of the top 10 weirdest satisfying adventures of your life.

If you wanna experience the same unstoppable laughter in your trip, catch the duo (Franco and PJ) in the Philippines. They’re flying to Cebu tomorrow. No PJ, I am not sending you to the eye of the storm. You can do the sundance maybe it’ll work. Enjoy the beach…and the sun! 😉