I just came back from my two-week Myanmar trip and I had a wonderful experience in that beautiful country.  A few days before my trip, I’ve been having these nervexcitement flashes. You can read more about it from my post: Nervexcited for My Myanmar Trip.

I have so many things to write about the trip that I don’t even know where to start. It would have been easier if I brought my laptop with me so that I can blog each day.

It’s  probably more important and more helpful for other travellers to know how much it would cost to go backpacking in Myanmar that is why I chose to write this article first. I was looking for that kind of information before my trip, but couldn’t find one.

My itinerary was: Singapore -> Kuala Lumpur -> Yangon -> Bagan -> Mandalay -> Pyin Oo Lwin -> Inle (Nyaung Shwe) -> Yangon -> Kyaik Htee Yoe (Kinpun / Kinmon) -> Yangon -> Kuala Lumpur -> Singapore.

The expenses that I put here are mainly within the Myanmar route.


If you can pay by USD, do it. You will save alot more because the shops convert 1 USD = 1000 Ks eventhough the exchange rate is 1USD ~ 980 Ks.


General Expenses (based on year 2013)
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Breakfast meal 1000 Ks
Normal meal 1800 Ks
Cola 1200 Ks
Bottled water 300-400 Ks
Beer 1500-1800 Ks


Buffet - Myanmar Style

Buffet – Myanmar Style



Day 1: Arrived in Yangon
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Taxi from airport to Chan Myaye Guesthouse 8000 Ks (you can bargain for 7000 Ks)
Accommodation in Chan Myaye Guesthouse (Dormitory) $12 (~ 12000 Ks)
Dinner 3000 Ks
Shwedagon Pagoda Entrance fee $5 (~5000 Ks)
Taxi to Shwedagon not so sure about this because I got a free ride from a friend
TOTAL 28000 Ks (~$28USD)


Day 2: Yangon/Bagan
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Lake Kandawgyi 2000 Ks
Option A: Express Bus to Bagan 15000 Ks
Option B: VIP Express bus to Bagan 18000 Ks
Taxi from Chan Myaye Guesthouse to Aung Mingalar Bus station 10000 Ks (you can bargain for 9000 Ks)
Breakfast free in guesthouse
Lunch 3000 Ks
Dinner 3000 Ks
TOTAL 33000 KS (~33 USD)


Day 4: Bagan
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Bus station to guesthouse via trishaw 3000 Ks
Accommodation in Winner guesthouse (single room w/ shared bathroom) $10 ~ 10000 Ks
One-time Park fee 15000 Ks
Option A: Bike rental 1500 Ks
Option B: eBike rental 8000 Ks
Breakfast 1000 Ks
Lunch 2300 Ks
Dinner (buffet) 3500 Ks
Water bottle 400Ks
Mandalay beer 1500 Ks
TOTAL 39000 Ks (~$39 USD)


Day 5: Bagan/Mt Popa
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Option A: Trip to Mt. Popa (van with 7 passengers) 7000 Ks
Option B: Trip to Mt. Popa (car with 4 passengers) 8000 Ks
Breakfast free in guesthouse
Lunch 1000 Ks
Dinner (Christmas Eve celebration!) 5750 Ks
Water 300 Ks
Half-day Bike Rental 750 Ks
TOTAL 16000 Ks (~$16USD)


Day 6: Bagan/Mandalay
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Breakfast free in guesthouse
Lunch 1500 Ks
Dinner (Christmas Eve celebration!) 5200 Ks
Water 300 Ks
Bus to Mandalay (Express) 8000 Ks
Bike rental 1500 Ks
TOTAL 16500 Ks (~17USD)


Day 7: Mandalay
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Bus station to Royal Guesthouse via motorbike 3000 Ks
Accommodation in Royal Guesthouse (single room with shared bathroom) 12000 Ks
Tour of Outer Mandalay 20000 Ks (you can bargain down to 18000Ks)
Water 300 Ks
Breakfast 1000 Ks
Dinner (with soda) 2800 Ks
TOTAL 39000 Ks (~$39USD)


Day 8: Pyin Oo Lwin
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Group Taxi to Pyin Oo Lwin (back seat) 6000 Ks (initially 6500 Ks)
Accommodation in Sein Kyaw Inn (big room with own bathroom) 10000 Ks (12000 Ks usual price)
One day tour (motorbike) 5000 Ks
Lunch 1600 Ks
Wine & cake 1400 Ks
Kandaw Gyi Garden 5000 Ks
Camera fee 200 Ks
Dinner 1600 Ks
TOTAL 31000 Ks (~$31USD)


Day 9: Pyin Oo Lwin/Mandalay
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
One day tour in Pyin Oo Lwin (motorbike) 5000 Ks
Breakfast 1000Ks
Lunch with strawberry ice cream yoghurt 1700 Ks
Pwe Gauk Falls entrance fee 500 Ks
Camera fee 300 Ks
Group Taxi to Mandalay (back seat) 4500 Ks
Accommodation in Garden hotel (single room with 2 beds and shared bathroom) 13000 Ks
Dinner with soda 2800 Ks
TOTAL 29000 Ks (~$29USD)


Day 10: Mandalay
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Motorbike to and fro Mingun jetty 3000Ks
Breakfast free in guesthouse
Mingun boat trip 5000 Ks
Ticket in Mingun temple 3000 Ks
Lunch 2500 Ks
Dinner with soda 2800 Ks
Motorbike from hotel to bus station 2000 Ks
VIP bus to Nyaung shwe 12000 Ks
TOTAL 30800 Ks (~$31 USD)


Day 11: Inle Lake
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
shared taxi from Bus stop to Gypsy guesthouse (8000 Ks) 2000 Ks
shared room with own bathroom in Gypsy guesthouse (20000 Ks) 10000 Ks
Inle lake entrance fee 10000 Ks
breakfast 1000 Ks
whole day bike rental 1000 Ks
lunch 1700 Ks
water 400 Ks
Hot spring entrance fee 8000 Ks
Dinner (with Myanmar beer) 3750 Ks
TOTAL 38000 Ks (~$38 USD)


Day 12: Inle Lake
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
Accommodation in Remember Inn (shared room with 2 beds and own bathroom) 12500 Ks
Boat trip to Inle lake (15000 Ks divided by 4 people) 3750 Ks
water 400 Ks
lunch with strawberry juice 4500 Ks
Ananda beer 1200 Ks
dinner free in guesthouse because of New Year's party
TOTAL 23000 Ks (~$23USD)


Day 13: Inle Lake/Yangon
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
breakfast free in guesthouse
lunch 1800 Ks
Express bus to Yangon (Aung Mingalar station) 14000 Ks (others sell 13000 Ks)
dinner at the bus stopover 1500 Ks
TOTAL 18000 Ks (~$18USD)


Day 14: Yangon/Kinpun (Kyaik Htee Yoe)
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
express bus from Aung Mingalar bus terminal to Kinpun 7000 Ks
Accommodation in Pann Myo Thu Inn (single room with shared bathroom and no hot shower) 8000 Ks
Lunch with soda 3100 Ks
Truck to Golden Rock 2500 Ks
Truck from Golden Rock to Kinpun 2500 Ks
Dinner 1800 Ks
water 500 Ks
TOTAL 25000 Ks (~$25  USD)


Day 15: Kinpun/Yangon
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
breakfast free in guesthouse
lunch 1800
water 400
express bus from Kinpun to Yangon 7000 Ks
dinner at bus stopover 1800 Ks
shared taxi from Aung Mingalar to Chan Myaye Guesthouse (9000 Ks / 3 persons) 3000 Ks
Accommodation in Chan Myaye (dorm with shared bathroom) 12000 Ks
TOTAL 26000 Ks (~$26USD)


Day 16: Farewell Myanmar
Item Name Cost (Kyats)
breakfast free in guesthouse
taxi from Chan Myaye Guesthouse to airport 7000 Ks
TOTAL 8000 Ks (~$8USD)

It’s possible to spend only $400 USD for the two-week trip although I did spend over that because I had to buy some souvenirs and sometimes splurged myself with food. You will definitely save alot more if you can find someone to share the room or taxi fare with you. Please take note that this excludes the visa, plane ticket to and from your country. I’m currently residing in Singapore but I didn’t take a direct flight from Singapore to Yangon because it’s cheaper to fly from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I normally bring 1.5x my estimated budget. I feel more comfortable that way. There are ATMs and banks in key cities such as Yangon, Mandalay and Kinpun. There are also guesthouses which accept credit card payment so don’t worry too much if you have few bills left in your pocket.

If you’re still having hesitations travelling alone, read my 4 good reasons why you should travel alone.

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