I am totally nervexcited for my trip to Myanmar. I’ll be going there on the 20th of December till the 4th of January.  I’m going to spend my Christmas and New Year … in the bus! It’s definitely the most unique celebration I’m going to have for this yearly festive season.

I am left with 2 days to prepare for this un-organized trip. This is one of the reasons why I’m so nervous and is always at the edge of my seat. The other reasons are:

1. It is going to be my first time to travel alone for 2 weeks (business trips don’t count!). The longest solo travelling I had was a week in Cambodia and I only visited three provinces there. In this trip, I’m going to visit at least 6 places which are 6-10 hours away from each other.

2. It’s going to be my first time to plan my trip without booking for a place to stay–and it seems to be a fatal mistake. After reading some forums on how tourists are flocking in the country and that December to January is a peak period, I’m worried that I’ll be sleeping on the streets. Lucky for me, I bought a sleeping bag! 🙂

3. It’s going to test my social skills, which I’m completely lacking! I’m not really a very outgoing person and not so good in keeping conversations with new acquaintances. But then again, my goal is not to network in this trip although it’s not bad to meet and gain new friends along the way.

4. Most of the budget guesthouses can’t be booked online. When I reach each town, I’ll be knocking on the doors and asking for any available beds. I don’t mind sleeping at the lobby (and I’m just joking!)

This is the trip where I’ll be spending most of my time figuring out what and where I want to be in 2014, in 5 years time, in 10 years time. Probably, priorities have to be re-arranged or new items need to be added in the list.

What a better way to end this year and start next year’s!

Until now, I haven’t firmed up my itinerary. It will change along the way, I might stay longer in Bagan if I fall in love with the place. But so far, this is my route:
Singapore -> Kuala Lumpur -> Yangon -> Bagan -> Mandalay -> Pyin Oo Lwin -> Mandalay -> Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) -> Yangon -> Kinpun (Kyaiktyo Pagoda) -> Yangon –> Kuala Lumpur -> Singapore