I am sure you also have a list of people whom you look up to since you were a child. They maybe showbiz celebrities, political figures or business moguls. Have you tried going through your list? Do you see a pattern?

Here’s my list (in chronological order)

1. Edwin Buzz Aldrin Jr. – He is the reason why I have my name. When I was a kid, I was dreaming to be an astronaut. Somehow that dream was enforced to me by the name Aldrin.

2. Lydia de Vega Mercado – No, it’s not because my middle name and her surname are the same. I used to be a street kid, I mean I’m always outside the house playing street games, running around, pretending to be Usain Bolt, but during that time, Lydia de Vega was the national icon of athletics in the Philippines. She was dubbed as Asia’s Sprint Queen

3. Albert Einstein – When I was in sixth grade, I was part of the Math team that competes against other schools.  The contest was called Math Olympiad. I’m not really a Math prodigy, but I guess it helped that my mom trained us very well in Math. Einstein was the word-of-mouth in our school when everyone talks about Math.

4. Blessed Josemaria Escriva – I got a scholarship during my secondary school and I was lucky to be educated by an Opus Dei-related school. His life and his story was an inspiration. Oh, I forgot to mention, I used to be able to speak the Lord’s prayer and Hail Mary in Latin. Nowadays, I only remember the Latin chants.  🙂

I’m still at a loss. I can’t remember any prominent personalities that I idolized during my university life. I took up Engineering, but I wasn’t amazed by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier nor by Georg Ohm.

5. Donald Rumsfeld – I read his biography when I was randomly choosing a book about politics. He lead the legalization of Aspartame in America, but I’m not a supporter of artificial sweeteners. 🙂

6. Donald Trump – I saw his TV series, The Apprentice. I got hooked up. I read his books. I got interested with money.

7. Warren Buffet – After money, it was stocks. But I didn’t have enough patience to study and learn Buffet’s way of investing. His story as being a Math whiz and being the Oracle of Ohama amazes me.

8. Steve Jobs – I’m an Apple fan, period.

9. Marissa Mayer – She’s young. She was employee #20 of Google. She’s CEO of Yahoo. She graced the cover of a fashion magazine. She’s a nerd.

10. Jeff Bezos – After reading the article The Secrets of Bezos and one of the books that he obliges his managers to read (The Goal), I immediately put him in my list.

So tell me, who are your superheroes?