Sometimes, I do website development as part-time job. Aside from the extra income that it gives, it also keeps me in touch with my coding skills. Besides, instead of wasting my time checking facebook every minute, coding sharpens the brain. Aside from this, I’m also trying hard to learning iOS programming. I have so many social apps in mind that will really be beneficial to the  community.

I’m studying Financial Accounting as well. Wharton is giving this free online course in Coursera. Mind you, Prof. Brian Bushee is doing a really good job in explaining the terms to a no-accounting-background student like moi...but my nose still bleeds as each week progresses (either that or everything starts sounding Greek). I also borrowed  books from the library that are yet to be finished. Most of these are the recommended books from articles in BusinessInsider or Inc. I’m learning photography… rather, I’m exploring how to operate my newly-bought Olympus OMD mirrorless camera. I forgot to mention that yo estudio basico lenguaje Español pero yo poco hablo Español . I’m so desperate in learning Spanish that I’ve changed the language setting of my iPhone to Spanish…and that I look stupid in front of my friends when they ask me something about facebook, instagram and I’m scrambling to understand the text displayed on the screen.

There are so many things keeping me busy nowadays. Of course I still ensure that I get a chance to improve my socializing skills and writing skills. As a matter of fact, I’ve just joined a team of writers in the Vulcan Post website (Thanks Jacky!). I do most of these for fun and to go astray from a routinary life. But recently, I had one web project that failed. Faults aren’t solely on me, but that’s not the point. It was a wake-up call.

I’m still affected by what happened, but the good thing is it fuelled me to write another post in my blog and write a new one for Vulcan Post. It made me realize to do things that I want and not just because I can.