After reading the article How To Get Bigger Portions at Chipotle from, I suddenly craved for a burrito. My first encounter with this Mexican food was when I visited Los Angeles for a business trip. My hotel was just right across the Chipotle fastfood store. At first I didn’t know how to order, I didn’t even know what a burrito is. I just wanted to try a Mexican food and it so happened that they’re selling burrito.

Burrito from Chipotle

Burrito from Chipotle

If you’re wondering how Chipotle is pronounced, watch the video below. Before I saw this, I was pronouncing it as Cheapo-tell

How To Pronounce Chipotle

Anyway, so after craving for a burrito and Googling for nice burritos in Singapore, I came across this article from WallStreetJournal (ooh they have connections!) about the small burrito shop near Outram/Chinatown mrt station. The reviews were good so I asked my food-enthusiast friends to go there together.

The interior of the shop was different. They don’t have the typical rectangular tables with chairs. The lightings and exposed electrical wires were artistically installed. The most amazing part is that the shop is only selling burrito (aside from the drinks of course!).

Photo credit to Carlo (

Photo credit to Carlo (

The table ledge

The side table ledge

The staff were really friendly and accommodating.  They guided me on the best sauce to put on my grilled chicken meat.

The price of a burrito is $12 (no GST and no service charge!!).

Here’s how you can order your burrito:

  1. The crew will ask you if you want cheese. (additional $1)
  2. They will put the tortilla in a heating machine.
  3. Choose the carbs: rice, black beans or refried beans.
  4. Choose the proteins:
    1. Pollo asado (chicken grilled)
    2. Carne asada (skirt steak seared medium rare)
    3. Carnitas (pork butt slow-cooked)
    4. Barbacoa (lamb shoulder oven-braised)
    5. Pescado (battered whitefish fillet)
  5. Choose the fats:
    1. sour cream
    2. cheese
    3. guacamole (additional $2)
  6. Choose the salsas:
    1. Pico de gallo
    2. Salsa verde
    3. Salsa de Pina
Burrito Salsas

Burrito Salsas

The experience was great! Oh, I ordered the burrito with cheese and guacamole with a ginger ale drink. The total price was $16.90. 🙂

I’ll be going back to this shop for sure!

Shop Info:

Add: 22 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089129
Tel: 6220 0458
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 12PM – 12AM

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