For me who’s living on the other side of the world, I decided to sleep at the time Apple’s keynote is being delivered. Besides, they don’t have the live streaming link from their website. I was much eager to wake up though to read the tweets about iPhone5s and its cool new features. While travelling from home to office, I watched the videos from Apple website and the hands-on review from Mashable and Engadget.

Few days before the launching, I’ve been tracking rumours about the two versions of iPhone which are going to be released: iPhone5C and iPhone5s. Based on leaked photos, I knew that I’m going to be leaning more into buying the iPhone5S. Plastic phones don’t really appeal to me, that’s probably why I never went crazy nor dreamed of having a Samsung phone.

As usual, there’s a lot of “word wars” happening at the comment section of the tech websites about iPhone and Android phones. Some are just freaking hilarious. I don’t want to dip my toes into that. I just want to share why I’ve decided that I’m going to buy a new iPhone5S:

  1. My Singtel contract is going to end this September and is due for recontract.
  2. The size of iPhone fits well in my pocket. Well, if I wear tight-fit or skinny jeans, it’s going to be a different scenario. This is the other reason why I’m hesitant to get the larger-than-life Android phones.
  3. The fingerprint sensor is a seller! It’s much easier to touch one button than to press 4 buttons. Its location at the Home button is a convenience as well.
  4. Better processing and composition of photos. Bigger pixels don’t mean better photo is actually true! But I’ll probably have to upgrade my phone from the usual 16GB to 32GB or 64GB!
  5. The slow-mo video feature will give me more reasons to record videos.
  6. The A7 chip, with its 64-bit architecture is speed and power.
  7. The casing in itself is an art.

I’ll probably have more reasons to list down once I start using the iPhone5S. I’m not going to deny that I’m a BIG Apple fan. I love the way they organize things for you. The fact that whenever they release a new OS upgrade or a system upgrade,  they always think of the older versions of the phone, its cross-compatibility and its ease of doing the upgrade. It’s a phone that gives me comfort on thing where you don’t have to be stressed out. It doesn’t sell you features which look good at a glance but aren’t really practical to use. The well-thought holistic design of its iOS and hardware makes a big difference from its competitors.

I can’t wait to join the queue this September 20. iPhone5S go for gold! 🙂

iPhone5S - Gold, Silver and Space Gray

iPhone5S – Gold, Silver and Space Gray

Learn more of the iPhone5S from the Apple website.