It was all planned out. My friends and I have been anticipating the horror and extreme suspense the movie The Conjuring  would dawn upon us. We have scheduled to watch this movie a few weeks before its show dates. The hype was seconded by two of my friends who watched it in advance. They both said that they never finished the movie. They were too scared to finish the last quarter of it.

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I was accompanied by two friends who were the typical scream-on-top-of-your-lungs moviegoer. They don’t really like watching horror movies alone. For me, horror movies are just a play of your psyche. If you imagine yourself sitting on the director’s chair, it’ll be less frightening.

The movie is based on a true story narrated by the Warren couple (Ed and Lorraine), who are both spirit questors. The wife is a clairvoyant while the esposo is an exorcist (these facts are all mentioned in the movie, I haven’t had time to vouch them). The story is simple and straightforward. A family stayed in a haunted house, some can see spirirts, the mom was possesed by a demon/evil spirit and the Warren couple helped them.

The Conjuring Poster

The Conjuring Poster

There were a few suspenseful scenes in the movie. I like how the director tricks the audience’s anticipation. Sometimes we are so used to those surprising parts that we expected the same thing in other movies. But the director was effective in holding you from being transformed into a Banshee. It’s like you’re preparing yourself that in this part a ghost will appear but it didn’t, and when you’re about to exhale then the ghost will surprise you.

Overall, the movie isn’t that scary at all. It didn’t bring out the frantic feeling that I got when I watched alone the Singapore movie The Maid during the Ghost month festival. The story doesn’t have any significant twist. It’s at the brink of being a drama film. The scene at the end where Bathsheba was being conjured away from the wife’s body has a more poignant effect on me than the suspense parts. I recommend you to watch the movie The Maid  instead.

The Conjuring Trailer