I haven’t been blogging for sometime mainly because all my (draft) posts are about my recent travellings  to Vietnam and US of A. I have this tendency to edit first the photos that I am going to include in the article. It already takes me some time to choose which among the few hundred photos  and editing it makes the timeframe even longer. So I decided to put up posts that are mostly textual. At least this will pump up the numbers of my articles in my personal blog.


My mom has been posting photos of her garden plants and orchids in Facebook. Her captions are exceptionally written. I always believed that among our family members, she’s the most gifted in writing (whom else have I gotten this gene in writing?) and the most passionate in reading–too bad I only got half of that. Her command of English is alot better than mine. Because of this, I decided to put up a personal blog for her–well, I had to convince her first that it’s going to be as easy as posting a message in Facebook. I decided to name her blog, Living Life After 65. Of course I had to consult her about this.
The title pretty much explains what the blog is going to tackle. I can’t wait to see the traffic her blog is going to get.


I’ve written an article about learning Spanish through Duolingo. You can read the post from this link. It’s really fun using this app and until now I’m still taking the lessons there (for free!). Out of my fascination and interest in the Spanish language (and its similarity to the Filipino language), I convinced my friend Tania to attend the once-in-a-month Tête-à-Tête Language tables event held in Singapore. It’s basically an avenue to practice the language that you know but is seldom used in Singapore. The event was fun but we left early because I realized that my Spanish listening and speaking skills isn’t at the level of being conversational. I hope to be back though! Maybe I need a few more months.

Hasta mañana!