For the past few days, I’ve been starting to feel the nerves and anxiety at work. It’s kicking me so hard that I’m failing to get excited on the opportunity of traveling to another part of the world. Normally, when I want to unwind from this, I’d go out and find a food shop that I’ve never been to. Even if it’s only temporary, the thrill of finding the place (and getting lost or alighting at the wrong bus stop) cloaks the worries that I have. Plus, the excitement of personally tasting the food (whether good or bad) makes me forget the tensions at work.

Eating alone, enjoying the solace of not having to think how to “carry a conversation” is a sure winning formula for me. But there are rare instances when you get the pleasure of having a good meal and a good chat, where you don’t need to prepare any questions beforehand, you just answer the questions thrown at you and you ask back if you feel to.


I had a dinner with a friend at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (just opposite Clarke Quay mrt). This is my second time in the restaurant and it’s my second time to queue as well. I heard this restaurant is famous for their Bak Kut Teh (surprise!). I ordered the Pork Ribs Soup, which costs around $6, an extra rice (maybe $1), and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea (I guess it’s $1.30 since the total cost was $8.30). The soup is good, but I prefer the meat to be really soft so that it’ll be easier to bite, especially when you’re using chopsticks to hold the bone!

song fa bak kut teh

Pork Ribs Soup


There’s a reason why it’s good to have friends who are outside your normal circle. It broadens your perspective on things. Their culture and way of thinking may show an angle that typically remains obscure to you. In those rare occasions, the insights that you pick up become as savory as the tasty soup of a Bak Kut Teh.