The tallying of votes is almost finished. The top 12 Senators can already be proclaimed victorious although I’m not really happy with the result, but that’s how democracy works. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about who should have been or not have been in the top 12. I’m more interested on the winners of this popularity contest and the classic hilarious memes of one aspiring Senator.

Election here is a movie. The superstars always get a higher chance of winning. If you have more star value, you’ll get higher chance of winning. If you are endorsed by a very famous celebrity, you have a bigger probability of winning.

  • There’s one 25-year-old movie actor, son of a Senator (who is also an actor), who won the Vice-Governor position.
  • The wife of the famous boxer took the vice-governor throne as well. She used to be an endorser of a beauty clinic.
  • The boxer himself ran unopposed.
  • The “Star for all seasons” got her third and last governatorial term.
  • Another famous actor for winning a Congressional seat in the lower house. He used to be a matinee idol.
  • A former shampoo model and a wife of another famous actor is getting her second term as a Congresswoman. Unfortunately, her husband seems to be not as lucky as her.
  • A former child wonder is getting his second term as a mayor.

Not only are the Stars getting the spotlight, but the political clans as well. From the Congress down to local government positions, the political clans are trying to sweep them all.

But if you want to have a sure-win formula of this contest, rely on your surnames. If you are related to any of the powerful surnames in the country, then chances are you’ll get the vote of the masses. If you are the daughter of the King of the Action movies, then you’ll top the senatorial count. If you’re a cousin of the President, who is the son of the former President, and are endorsed by the highest-paid showbiz personality, then you’ll get in the top 10. If you are a daughter of the Vice-president and clings to this surname wherever you go, then you’ll be in the top 5.

The circus of election in the Philippines is amusing but is sometimes difficult to accept. I understand that it’s a democratic process to allow her citizens to vote, but what if the decision of the crowd doesn’t seem to be logical?¬†Imagine former officials who were impeached, charged with corruption or jailed for rape and are still getting the votes of the masses. It proves the ineffectiveness of the system in this kind of situation. The funniest thing is that the people who has the loudest mouth to complain against poverty and corruption in the government are the same people who put these officials in the throne. This is rather absurd, isn’t it?

Enjoy and keep laughing on the 2013 Election memes below.

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