It has been days since my last blog and I miss it! Last week, I was in Hanoi, Vietnam and I have yet to blog my exciting and full-of-fun adventure there. I have so many pending blog posts, I don’t know when I can clear them all out. But for the meantime, I’d like to quickly blog about my idea of Creative Fridays.

I’m working in a logistics company as part of a project management team. Friday is the dress-down day for us. Normally, we wear long-sleeved shirts, slacks and leather shoes. It’s the typical corporate outfit. So Friday is always a different feeling for me.

Creative Fridays

Wouldn’t it be great to allot every Friday of the week to be a creative work-unrelated day for everyone? It’s basically going to be allow you ┬áto think of your own mini-project that can be totally unrelated to work. Google has been giving this cool “day off” for its employees to be creative. The end result? Google Map!