Today starts the Overseas Absentee Voting for Filipinos in Singapore. It runs for one month, 13th of April till 13th of May, and is held in the Embassy of the Philippines at 20 Nassim Road, Singapore.

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Philippine Embassy in Singapore

Philippine Embassy in Singapore


What is Overseas Absentee Voting?

In simplest term, it’s basically giving the citizens of Philippines, who are residing outside the country, an opportunity to vote in an election. But if you’d like to know more about it, please refer to Wikipedia’s post. A registered absentee voter can only vote for the following positions:

1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Senators
4. Party List


The Experience

Honestly, it’s my first time to vote in the national election. That’s why logically, I don’t have the right to complain against the elected government officials of my country because I didn’t do my part in the selection process. But this year, I’m happy to be part of the “democratic form of decision-making process” to choose an official to hold a public office, aka election.

Just like any other first-time experience, my morning started with a lot of excitement. I was picturing the embassy to be filled with crowds who are so eager to exercise their right to vote. I knew I was over exaggerating when I was hoping that the queue is as long as the queue in Jollibee Singapore’s first opening day. Check out my post about  the crazy queue on Jollibee’s opening day.

I decided to go to the embassy during lunch time. I reached the place after a sweaty walk from Orchard MRT to the outskirts of Nassim. Suprisingly, I’m the only voter in the room! 😀 I guess I expected too much!

Before heading to the Philippine Embassy, make sure your you bring any of the following:

  1. IC
  2. Passport
  3. Any government ID
Voting Room, Philippine Embassy

Voting Room, Philippine Embassy

Once you reach the gate of the embassy, the security guard will lead you to a white airconditioned tent. The first station is the verification room. The staff will check from their system if your name is in the list.

Verification Room

Verification Room

If you are in the list, you will then go to the Voting section where they will check your name in the list again. You will be handed a  voting form. The voting form has two sections, one for the senators and another for the Party list. You can only vote 12 senators from the list and one party list.

Verifying your name from the Voters List

Verifying your name from the Voters List

If you don’t know who the candidates are for Senatorship , please see the list below. The items in blue are the candidates I voted for. I also wrote the key reasons why I voted for them.

  1. Samson Alcantara
  2. Juan Edgardo Angara – Smart
  3. Bam Aquino – Microfinance
  4. Greco Belgica
  5. Nancy Binay
  6. Teodoro Casiño
  7. Alan Peter Cayetano – his OFW article
  8. Tingting Cojuangco
  9. Rizalito David
  10. John Carlos de los Reyes
  11. JV Ejercito
  12. Jack Enrile
  13. Francis Escudero
  14. Baldomero Falcone
  15. Richard Gordon – FedEx and SBMA (Subic)
  16. Edward Hagedorn – Puerto Princesa
  17. Gregorio Honasan
  18. Risa Hontiveros – Women Empowerment
  19. Loren Legarda – Environment
  20. Marwil Llasos
  21. Ernesto Maceda
  22. Jamby Madrigal – Judy Ann Santos (?) haha! 
  23. Mitos Magsaysay
  24. Ramon Magsaysay, Jr.
  25. Ramon Montaño
  26. Ricardo Penson
  27. Aquilino Pimentel III
  28. Grace Poe – MTRCB
  29. Christian Señeres
  30. Antonio Trillanes IV
  31. Eddie Villanueva
  32. Cynthia Villar – Business for Housewives
  33. Juan Miguel Zubiri

There are a lot of partylist representatives in the list, but the one that I voted for is Akbayan.

After you have filled up the form, you can feed the paper to a PCOS machine and you’re free to go!

Voting Dates: 13 April – 13 May
Voting Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
except May 13 where the voting time will be from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Voting Location: 20 Nassim Road, Philippine Embassy in Singapore

If you want to know more about the  Overseas Absentee Voting, visit this link.