Now it’s proven that it’s bad to mix the Harlem Shake dance with the free flow of alcoholic drinks.

Ok so it was supposed to be a business networking event by BusinessRocks and since I had a pretty fun experience with them last month, I invited a few of my friends to attend (with the bait of free flow of drinks!).

The speakers were from Futurebooks Pte Ltd. If I remember it correctly, it’s a cloud-based solution for startup businesses who want to manage their receipts, claims, and other accounting stuffs. The speakers were Anthony Coundouris and George Matthew. Drinks were sponsored by Intuit and the media coverage by Instaroid.

After the talk, we had the Harlem Shake dance, which was definitely the coolest part of the event! It definitely helped that the crowd is slightly…a little bit…sober. My friends love Instaroid! Hello Startupweekend! 🙂


And as usual, I always have two stories to tell. So after the Harlem Shake dance was the networking part. On the contrary, I wasn’t able to observe much on how people were doing their networking. I didn’t have enough time to interact as well, but I did learn a few things about being drunk (and no, it wasn’t me :p). These are:

1. Don’t be too drunk if you weigh more than 60kg.
2. Don’t even be at the edge of drunkenness and sober if you are only accompanied by girls.
3. There’s a saying, don’t talk when your mouth is full. Likewise, don’t drink when your tummy is drowned.
4. Wine, no matter how healthy it is, must be drank in sweet slow sips and in moderation. Free flow doesn’t mean there’s no more tomorrow. I’m pretty sure, you still have office work tomorrow.
5. Wear a dog tag with your home address written on it and an emergency number that some good Samaritans can contact.
6. Always be accompanied by at least one girl friend who is still single. She can be a nice bait to ask other guys in the room to lift you up from misery.
7. TKO doesn’t only happen in boxing arena (surprise!).
8. It’s good to have a room as big as a parking lot, but parking lot is still a parking lot. Don’t sleep there especially if you didn’t bring a pillow or even a bedsheet. 😀

The Parking Lot .... girls :)

The Parking Lot …. girls 🙂

9. If you forgot to bring a dog tag, make sure your phone has no lock code. Label one contact there as, “SOS I’m drunk”.
10. When you wake up in the morning, pray and say, “It’s a beautiful day!”.

You took my crown away...

You took my crown away…