I find it funny when people use the phrase “Back to reality” whenever they come back from a vacation. It makes me wonder if their holiday was some virtual experience that ends when they go back to work?


I just had a wonderful two-week vacation in my hometown and it felt like two months. I will be posting some articles about it. I don’t know but somehow the pace in the Philippines is much slower than here in Singapore. 


So why do people tend to say, “back to reality” when they are back to work?

I have a few hypotheses:

  1. Working in a tough job with no fun or satisfaction is reality
  2. Being away from work is a dream
  3. Enjoying the beach and the mountains isn’t real, a fantasy perhaps?
  4. You are only allowed to enjoy good life over a short period of time. If you have been living it for a long time, then it’s a lie and you’re probably just feigning it.
  5. Reality bites, so if it doesn’t bite, it’s not a reality.

I have a confession to make, I wanted to use that phrase last night when I arrived in Singapore. Then I realized, isn’t fun and excitement part of reality? What’s with work that it should be the only one defining reality? My reality is I am in Singapore to work….and of course travelling to exciting places to have fun. I’m only back to reality when I wake up in the morning hating the alarm clock for ringing so early! 😀

So when are you back to reality?