The trip to El Nido requires patience, endurance and lotsa lotsa food. What made this trip special is that the entire family is joining: my mom, my sister who flew from canada, and my brother.


We took the 11am flight from NAIA terminal 3. The weather in Manila was cloudy, but quite the opposite in Puerto Princesa. It was sunny with a few fluffy cumulus clouds.


From the Puerto Princesa airport, we took a tricycle to the RORO bus terminal. Please take note that the fare is only PHP30.00 per person. The driver might try to ask for more. There are two ways to go to El Nido: by RORO bus or by van. if you want a more comfortable, with more leg space, journey I will suggest that you take the RORO bus. It is clean, the aircon is working fine and there are only 4 seats per row. There’s an hourly trip from Puerto Princesa to E Nido. There are two checkpoints: mango checkpoint and the other one is a police checkpoint. There are three bus stopovers as well, so if you’re the kind of person who needs to go to the loo quite often, you should not worry.





And a big FYI, don’t expect that you’ll be taking a RORO vessel sometime during the trip. Everything will be all road.


The first five (5) hours of the trip is sweet, sweet as the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines. The road is paved with concrete. The remaining 1 hour part is a … hmmm…not really a nightmare, but it’s more like riding those massage chairs. The road is dusty and bumpy, good thing the bus is aircondifioned. I am not sure if it’s because of the election or the final term of the gov’t official there, but the paving of the road is unfinished. Knock knock Palawan officials. May the passengers’ voices be heard. The treacherous road isn’t putting FUN in Palawan. 🙂


The Tortoise River

The Turquoise River


I remember from a survey in China, the Philippines has been voted as one of the top romantic places in the world. It’s not only FUN in the Philippines, it’s romantic too! And I’m pretty sure the foreign couple seated in front of me can attest to that. No, I’m not going to tell what their nationality is, but you’ll probably guess it easily. They’re the most romantic people in the world.


I’ll be posting more soon and sorry for the fragmented thoughts and misspelled words. :)) i’ll probably proofread this again when I am not using my iPhone to type.


In summary, here’s how to go to El Nido:

1. Buy a plane ticket from your place to Manila. If you’re coming from Singapore, you can check out the following airlines.

Budget Airlines:

Cebu Pacific Airways (CebuPac)

Airphil Express

Jetstar Asia

Tiger Airways


Non-budget airlines:

Philippine Airlines (PAL)

Singapore Airlines (SQ)


2. Buy another plane ticket from Manila to Puerto Princesa. The airlines are:

Philippine Airlines (PAL)

Airphil Express – this is actually the budget airlines of PAL

Cebu Pacific Airways (CebuPac)

Zest Airways – from the passenger’s feedback, this seems to be the last choice among the four.


3. Ride a tricycle from the airport and ask him to bring you to RORO Bus Terminal. The ride costs PHP30.00 each person.

4. Take the RORO airconditioned bus which costs PHP483.00. For Senior citizens (you have to bring your ID though), there’s a 20% discount. 🙂 It takes 6 hours to travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. It’s best if you bring food, pocketbook, or something that would remove your boredom.

5. From the RORO bus terminal at El Nido, take a tricycle to your destination. We met a very honest tricycle driver there and brought us to our inn. Instead of paying PHP120-150.00, he asked us to pay PHP80.00. It’s around PHP20.00 each person. He also helped us booked our tours and booked our RORO bus back to El Nido.

If you need someone to help you go around El Nido, please contact Mr. Gerry and tell him you’re my friend…and I’m Aldrin btw. 🙂

Mr. Gerry: +63-909-2372609


RORO Bus Schedule:

Airconditioned buses:

10:00 AM
10:00 PM

Non-airconditioned buses:

4:00 aM
5;00 AM
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
12:00 PM

For RORO Booking and Reservations:
Globe: +63-917-5971189
Sun: +63-922-8901044
Smart: +63-9089202568