I initially wanted to set the title of this article to 1 Step at a Time, but that seems too prevalent nowadays. It’s 1:13 AM and I’ve just finished studying the Time Management part of PMP, well actually partially. I’ve started studying seriously on this PMP exam only recently (like two days ago!). I’m supposed to schedule my exam last year but I was too occupied with my “social” life that I keep on delaying it. By “social” life means engaging in other meaningful experiences outside work such as, networking with people, initiating a startup biz, clouding my thoughts with startup ideas that could change the world, the galaxy, and the universe!


So why am I bothered to take the exam then. Well primarily, the exam is already paid. It will expire in a year. I can’t get over that feeling of not trying the exam regardless whether I pass or fail. I won’t be so depressed if I fail the exam, but I will be jubilant if I pass. It’s just getting over this milestone that I have set in my life last year (2012, I have to be specific with the year!). And I want to be so active with startups this year that I don’t want to be distracted with the “what-if” scenarios (Monte Carlo analysis — and this is part of the Time Management module in PMP).


After I was exposed (it sounded more like a virus) on articles about startups, I remember telling a friend that I have to have this experience of juicing out ideas, working with people who are outside my circles, pitching to crowds (to nations, to planets, to galaxies, to the universe and beyond! …. and here’s where you’re supposed to see the Star Wars opening crawl … dan da raran)



“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho


Luckily before the year ended, circa November of 2012, I was invited by my friend Wheng (her twitter account: rowenabolo and she doesn’t know I’m publicly spreading her account)  to join the startup weekend. Honestly, I was hesitant to attend because of the monetary payment. I’m just allergic when I see some $$$ in the registration page. But after some real long extensive research (around 5 minutes or less), I decided that the event is actually exciting, so I joined, met a few real good people (I’m not really good in networking you see 😉 ) and joined a team (linksavvy which is now known as nghbrd)…and the rest is history (or maybe the lack of … yet!).


So going back to the real topic, it’s already 2:00 AM and I’ve just spent 47 minutes writing and blabbing in my blog (what’s new, seriously? ) about taking each step at a time. Well, the adage didn’t say that you can’t step back, which is what I’m doing now. I’m stepping back (only for a month and a half, or maybe less) to close something that I knew I wanted… and hoping that once my foot touches the skipped step, it’ll be raging to move forward again… (what I am saying… must be the meds 😀 ).


the baby is not mine, nor is the photo, credits to http://experiencedrivenlife.blogspot.sg/2011/08/baby-steps.html

I wish the baby was mine or the photo, credits to http://experiencedrivenlife.blogspot.sg/2011/08/baby-steps.html