There’s nothing wrong in creating your new year’s resolutions before new year’s day. It’s like promising yourself to reduce eating potato fries, fastfood burgers, drinking beer and soda because the weighing scale is getting weight-conscious whenever you step on it–promises that are meant to be broken. 🙂

So here’s my checklist for this coming year:

1. Experience the two-day train ride from Singapore to Malaysia to Bangkok. There will be alot of retrospection and introspection in that trip.

2. Travel to one of the following countries:
2.a. Laos
2.b. Myanmar (Burma)
2.c. Bhutan

3. Read the book Sophie’s world. I bought it this year and remained in my cabinet for the entire season.

4. Learn one more language, at least speaking the basic conversational stuffs.

5. Learn one more programming language: python or Objective C

6. Experience being a barista or a bartender.


And before the eclipse of 2012, it’s good to look back and remember what has happened:

1. Volleyball – I’m lucky to be back playing volleyball competitively again. 🙂

2. Startup – full of vibrance and color–it colors your life like a rainbow..LOLs!

3. New circles, new groups

4. a ton of lessons learned. 🙂


Welcome 2013!