No, I won’t be dipping my toes to the Twitter-Instagram feud, I love both apps though I prefer that Instagram allow Twitter to show the photos directly. Who wants to upload the same photo in two different apps? (Me!) Anyway, I read from the article Meet Aviary: The Start-up Powering Twitter’s Photo Filter that Twitter will be using a third-party plug-in, Aviary, to do its photo filters. It’s funny how the author described the app as being scrappy, he doesn’t seem to be a fan it :),


Aviary is the scrappy New York-based photo editing start-up you’ve probably never heard of. The company has pivoted twice in its 11-year history–and apparently the pivots paid off.


So out of curiousity, I updated the Twitter app in my iPhone and checked out if indeed Twitter has the s-crappy photo filter.

What I did is I took a photo of a pole in a bus stop this morning. The original photo is shown below.

Original Photo

Original Photo


I then applied Instagram’s sun (yups, that sunny icon at the lower left) and low-fi filter.

with Instagram fiters


I also tried the magic wand and vignette filter of  Twitter’s Aviary on the original photo.

Aviary’s Magic Wand and Vignette filter


For me, Instagram clearly won in this experiment. But who knows, maybe in the next coming months Twitter’s Aviary will be alot better than Instagram’s. Let’s wait and see…