Google+ launched their own version of “groups” today and called it Communities. I didn’t know about it till I read villabalicom’s tweet about their new community. ¬†I always felt that Google+ is mostly for geeks or for people who have the same interest and hobby to discuss with. In contrast, Facebook gives me the impression that it’s a way to connect to your friends, old colleagues, acquaintances and enemies ūüėČ regardless whether you share the same hobby or interest.

It’s undeniable that¬†Communities is a revised version of Facebook Groups but my short personal experience with it convinces me that it is more than just a revision rather an improvisation of what Facebook lacks. So what I did is I created a new community, It’s More Fun In The Philippines, ¬†in Google and compared it with the UNO Volleyball group that I have in Facebook. Let’s go through a few items that I thought¬†Communities¬†did better than¬†Groups.


1. UI Design


Google Communities


Less cluttered and all the buttons that you need to use are all in one group box.


Facebook Group


2. Right pane














The right pane of¬†Communities shows the members in the community and a quick shortcut to initiate a hangout while Groups is showing ads (surprise!). If I were part of the community, I’d definitely want to know who the members are of this group.



3. Events


Google Events


Google events are shown on the same page through the sexy drop-down effect. Facebook on the other hand will bring you to another page and will have to let you click Create Event.


Facebook Events


Google+ Communities allows you to also create categories in your group. This is a good way to segregate the posts based on its intention instead of keeping them in an all-in-one soup bowl. ¬†For example in my Volleyball group, I’ll probably create a category for Game Dates and Venues, Game Practice, etc.


Conclusion (and I really have to conclude?)

So, am I going to move the volleyball group to Google+? Probably not because most of the members there are Facebook users. They are so akin to Facebook that if I’d ask them to move to Google+, their first question would be: What is Google Plus?

Am I going to move the It’s More Fun In The Philippines community to Facebook? Definitely not because I want people who has the same level of passion and ¬†interest in exploring the Philippines to join and engage to this open Community.

Out of Topic: If you’re interested in exploring the Philippines and been wanting to know what this beautiful archipelago can offer, join the¬†It’s More Fun In The Philippines¬†community.

Watch the Department of Tourism’s video here: