Yeah I know, I had the same reaction when Wheng  invited me to this event, Singapore Women Startup Weekend.

What am I going to do in a Women’s event?

There were alot of things I learned and surely alot more things to learn! I grouped myself with a team of creative and business-minded people.  We are five in the group, two ladies and three guys. Our team name is linksavvy (shameless plug, please Like! our page). I’m the “tech” guy in the group, I almost wanted to swap the blue neck strap with the red one— the red one seems to be the “in” thing during the event.

Today, I was caught unaware when Gina visited our “hublet” and all the business people were out to breathe some fresh air. She asked me to explain what we have so far for our business pitch. Luckily, I had the mock-up almost done so it was easier to explain to her what we really wanted to do. Then I realized, yeah this is probably one of the differences between a trained tech guy from a trained biz person. I can definitely explain how the system works if I have the mock-up or the UI with me, but the biz guy can probably explain the entire thing by just speaking. It’s cool realizing this.

I love this event! High five!!