We didn’t win the Singapore Women Startup Weekend, but I gained alot from the event that it felt like I won.


The Magic 7


Seven new friends in facebook and more than seven new connections in twitter! Well maybe you’ll say, that’s easy to do, just follow someone or add someone and ask them to do the same thing in return. But these connections are of different value (seriously with different value? like carats of gold?? ). These are new links who are into “startup” business, who share the same “startup” enthusiasm that I’m having right now ( really Aldrin, is that you? ).


Seven major things that I learned from the event:

1. This validates the coolness of startup biz. This “validation” word is so into me right now after hearing this alot of times from our mentors during the workshop. Did you validate your idea? Did you validate your market? Did you validate your target customers? Why was this word INVENTED anyway?  🙂

2. MVP – the most valuable player in the event is MVP. Minimum Viable Product. I’ve read this before from the book of Eric Ries but this event “validates” the practicality and necessity of having an MVP. It deserves an MVP award indeed. I’ll give it the trophy later.

3. Surprisingly, age is no longer a barrier of being tech savvy ( hello @linksavvy_! ). Just look at the two ladies in our team, do I need to say more?

4. As the cliche goes, surround yourself with people who will something something ( I forgot what’s next and I don’t want to consult Mr. Goo-gle, we’re not friends today. 🙂 ). In other words, join these #startupweekend events!  :))

5. Ok, well yeah I’m really stretching myself too much just to “validate” this Magic 7 thing. When you lose, it doesn’t mean that your idea is not great, it only means …. it only means … (that the ideas of others are greater?? ) … it only means that you need to reinvent your idea (really?).

6. Yeah! Two more points  and I can reward myself with another bottle of ginger ale (that tasted like a cough syrup according to Jerome). At the end of the day, you’ll have to always look at the bright side: (such as?) you learned that you need to practice more public speaking, you learned alot of things about startups, you met alot of people who are into startups, you want to start UP!

7. Finally, (the article is getting long, I thought you only wanted to post your team’s photo?)…Finally, the seventh point that I learned is that it’s really good to have diversity in the team. It brings out the best (best battle gear?) in you especially when you have those highly-intellectual and constructive arguments (in other words when you don’t agree on what each other says?).


Team Linksavvy


So if you are bored and you  just want to play tennis over  the weekend, why don’t you post an activity in our app (I thought it’s not live yet?) in the coming months…with a new name… and new colors…so keep posted and subscribe to linksavvy.

Filipino Friends Joining the Startupweekend