Are you up to the challenge of becoming a virtually hermit for one week? If you do, let’s make a deal. I’m going to outcast myself from the “lures” of social networks for a week. Yes that means no twitter, no facebook, google+ and no path for me. That means staring at the passing walls of the subway on the way to the office or glaring at the face reflected on the train’s mirror. Yes it’s going to be a tough 1-week for a someone who is social-network-ly active. It’s like skipping rice in my daily meals.

What’s the objective

Of course there has to be at least one objective in this experiment. Otherwise I’ll just be wasting this extra effort of disciplining myself. Yes, it’s discipline! I aim to learn how to rehabilitate myself from the addiction–this sounds more awful than what I thought. Although I am not that desperate to hire a craigslist girl to slap my head whenever I veer my attention to any of the social network sites. I want to check how “more” efficient and effective I am going to be at home and in the office if I don’t have the gratifying distractions of Socwork (short for social network). So three objectives for this:

1. Discipline!
2. Efficiency
3. Effectivity

How to do it

So finally you’ve decided you want to be part of this challenge as well. There are only a few steps that you need to follow:
1. Remove your facebook, path, twitter and google+ apps from your phone. It’s a must! Just make sure that you remember your login accounts and password ya? Ok if you really can’t delete them for some technical-martian reasons, just group them in a folder and name it with the most trivial and unappealing name you could think of.
2. Unset facebook and google+ as your home page.
3. Block facebook, twitter and google+ from your Internet browser’s settings. If you don’t know how, consult our dear old friend Mr. Go-o-Gle
4. Start counting the days of your withdrawal symptoms.
5. After one week, stand up, feel proud and say:

Yes! It’s possible!