No, I won’t be recounting a blow-by-blow details of the game. That would be too tiring for the sullen feeling dawning me right now. It was a nice game but definitely not one of our best. I know there are a lot of excuses that can be used to defend why we lost, but that’s not good sportsmanship.

Our opponents weren’t in their best form either, their best players weren’t there. It was a fair match because we only had 6 in our team and so were them. In this setup, getting injured is not an excuse nor is getting tired. We had our own errors and so were the opponents. The ball could really be in anyone’s court and we let it slip away.

Why does it feel more tiring after losing a 2-set game than winning a 3-set play? I guess the depression, distress and upset were all piling up on our shoulders. Plus the feeling that we could have easily won the game and beat the best team in the tournament make it worse.

UNO Men's team with the team and cheer leader Miss Beth :)

UNO Men’s team with the team and cheer leader Miss Beth 🙂

I had too many deep sighs after playing. I just knew that I could have done better spikes and smarter moves when the ball was on my hand. Indeed, realizations only come after a battle is lost. I was so affected that I even almost forgot to tap my bus card when I was about to alight.

Losing would be painful, but not as painful as knowing there was something else you could’ve done.

-JOE TRIPPI, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

When I reached home, I took a quick shower and immediately slumped to my bed. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that tough to catch a sleep considering that I’m kind of an insomniac. I woke up after my mom told me it’s time to cook the Salmon fish in my newly bought happy-double pan, which by the way is really good to have. I was telling my mom I still couldn’t overcome the feeling of losing. My mom told me this is probably the attitude that I got from her genes that’s why she seldom plays any sports.

There’s always a good thing in losing, but it still  better to win :). This game gave me some insights:

  • it’s just a game, a little bit of smile won’t hurt
  • your team is probably feeling the same thing, try cheering them up
  • when you’re high up in the air, reaching for the ball, there’s no thinking twice on whether to hit it hard
  • be more loud and active in the court. 🙂

Thanks to Cathy  for the nice photos. 🙂