My friends were urging me yesterday to upgrade my iPhone to iOS6, but the new Map application still doesn’t buy me. I’ve listed below the reasons why I should and should not upgrade:

Yes, I will upgrade tonight!

1. Facebook integration is a good thing to have because I am such a social network addict.
2. The camera with panorama is a must! I know this Panorama thing is a feature of the past for Android, but having that in my iPhone is still a good thing.

No, I still need more sleep to decide

1. Voice activated direction guiding is good …. if you have a car, and I don’t have.
2. Passbook is good to have (not really a new concept), but as of the moment there are no iPhone-designed passes yet in Singapore. This is a good biz opportunity for all the programmers out there. 😛
3.  In the new map, there are no bus stops! It also doesn’t tell me which bus to take, where to find it and when it will arrive.

Anyway, for the complete list of new things in iOS 6, read them from here.

Update: I noticed that Google map still works in Safari, so I’ve changed my mind, I’ll probably upgrade my phone tonight. Oh hey! Today is iPhone’s official release in Singapore and today is the start of F1 brouhaha, I wonder if iPhone’s queue is gonna beat up this F1 hype. 😀


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