A Day of Restless Walking and Discovery

Our second day was very physically challenging. We woke up around 7AM and had our first Sri Lankan breakfast at Euro Star hotel. Photos and review of the hotel can be seen at Euro Star hotel, Colombo Sri Lanka. This is Anna’s first taste of (mis)adventure. When we were 30 minutes away from the hotel, she realized that her phone is missing. We were lucky that the driver doesn’t mind driving 30 minutes back to the hotel. She owes the driver a free BIG lunch.

Euro Star Hotel

My first Sri Lankan Breakfast: Coconut sambol, Chicken Curry and Yellow Dal

After a 3-hour drive from Colombo to Sigiriya, we went straight to a buffet restaurant that costs around 900 rupees (excluding the drinks). A softdrink costs 150 rupees. We then decided to take the Village tour because it’s too hot to climb the Sigiriya mountain.

Kapila and his Honda … our transport for the entire journey. 🙂


In the village tour, we learned how to create a coconut sambol. After that, we climbed the peak of Sigiriya. With 1200 steps to endure, it was a good workout for us and a good workout needs a good massage. We went to Grand Regent Holiday Resort and indulged ourselves with a unique Ayurvedic massage.  A full review of the massage can be read in my post: Ayurvedic Massage: The Sensual and Ticklish Massage.

The boat that we used during the village tour. Lotus plants are everywhere. 🙂

The astounding Sigiriya “Lion Rock” mountain.

We checked in at the MPS Village hotel to spend the night and rest for tomorrow’s new adventure. 🙂