We boarded the plane around 8:20 but it left Changi almost past 9. It’s Tiger Airways flight TR 2572. Nevertheless we were still excited for our first South Asian trip.

Applaud to Tiger Airways because despite of the late departure, they still managed to arrive on schedule! Two thumbs up! 🙂 It is a 3 1/2-hour flight from Singapore and the plane was nearly empty so I was able to occupy one row and sleep comfortably. 🙂

If the plane arrived smoothly, my welcome message from the Immigration officer wasn’t that good. When I paid for my Sri Lankan visa, I used my old passport and just recently I changed to a new one. In the end, I had to pay extra $25USD, but all is well so far.

We were greeted by our contact at the airport and they were really nice, Sanduni and Kapila.

We are now checked in at Euro Star hotel. It’s a clean and nice hotel for travelers who are on a tight budget. The wi-fi access is $5 and with unlimited usage. The internet is really fast. See the photos below.

I researched on the internet the latest slogan of Sri Lanka and found this: Refreshingly Sri Lanka, wonder of Asia. This is going to be my first time to visit a South Asian country. My initial notion of Sri Lanka is that it’s going to be similar to India. I am very excited. I’m going to experience the Sri Lankan culture and lifestyle. I will be travelling with my college friend Anna. Yehey!

Oh and it’s 2.5 hours late here compared to Singapore time.

Waiting for tomorrow’s adventure. See you in Sigiriya! A three-hour drive from here. 🙂

Tips: The power outlet here is using the type D. It has three rounded prongs. It’s not like Singapore nor Philippines, so what we did is I brought this converter and one power board. 🙂