I just have to learn it the hard way. That’s what I’ve been swallowing for the past few hours. It’s like that bitter taste of pill when I’m under medication. All I could say is, I guess they’re right, the market is very treacherous. It’s worse than the mood swings of a female specie. I just have to suck this in and move on.

Today’s experience will be fruitless if I don’t learn anything from it, so here’s my list (purely personal opinion of an amateur trader):

1. The difference between gambling and trading? Gambling is when you are hoping that the market will go better, trading is when you look at the statistics and trends and anticipating that the market will go either way.

2. If you don’t have the will to admit losses, don’t trade.

3. Put up a capital that you are willing to lose anytime!

4. Don’t place an order when there’s an impending BIG announcement on the day ahead. If you still want to place an order, don’t sleep and monitor the highs and lows. I still prefer to sleep!

5. Trading is not always about getting 100% profit. It will train your mind when once in a while, you lose a trade.

6. It’s easier and less stressful when the money you’re trading is all yours.

7. Valiance is for Braveheart.

8. After a losing trade: stop, pause and listen to your heart. Aren’t you lucky that you’re still alive and breathing? 🙂

Good morning everyone, though my morning started really bad.