There’s a new app in town that is funded by high-profile Hollywood stars (Justin B, Ellen de Generes, Ryan Seacrest, etc.). I’ve just downloaded it and swiftly explored it. It’s pretty similar to Pinterest, Path and Twitter.


100 Stamps
I am initially provided with 100 stamps. Everytime I post something I get a deduction. I will only earn one stamp when somebody likes my post. This is something different from what Path has.

I am not allowed to stamp any random thoughts. Each stamp has to be associated with either music, books, movies, places or mobile apps–I guess, no random thoughts for me. 🙂

People can follow another Stamper–something like a twitter follower.

Designed solely for mobile
The interface and design is a lot better than Facebook. I can link to my twitter and facebook accounts too. There are no photo filters though. Plain shoot and post, no selection of filter nor blur effects. I hope they add this feature.

I like the part where I can search for Stamp reviews of places, books, music, movies or mobile apps. This is going to be helpful especially when I’m wandering around some places and I need to heed to my tummy’s cravings. It’s like foursquare.

I’ll be exploring this app for awhile and will try to discover some interesting features. Keep posted! In the meantime, you can follow my stamp at aldrin002. 🙂 See you there!

Download Stamped now! 🙂